Woh Apna Sa

On 19 April 2016, it become found out that Krishna had died inside the hearth whilst he went lower back inside to keep Gauri, who additionally died. Yuvraj held Suhani accountable for the lack of his sister and the loss of her pal’s husband and for preserving Saajan within the house towards his will and told her to head to this point away that their memories could be forgotten in conjunction with her. Soon Suhani comes to understand that Yuvani is her daughter and he or she founds out that Daadi had lied to her. She is going to Birla house along side Yuvan and Sharad. Yuvraaj had left for US trip before Suhani got here.


After that suhani and yuvraaj decided to marry each other once more for their kids.Then on the ceremony daadi kidnapped yuvraaj so from that sambhav could marry suhani.Then suhani lives with sambhav in her house with yuvaan.Then daadi attempted to kill suhani and suhani is going to trauma for some days.Yuvraaj and different residence contributors tried to find out the culprit by way of taking all family participants fingerprints however sambhav safed daadi by making the reports false and all of the blame is going to yuvraaj. Suhani is still in trauma and yuvraaj is trying to find out the culprit.

The show has been leading all the television rating charts Now the show has taken a leap again and all the child artists have been grown up and the show is all set to lead the charts again with the entry of all the new characters.The main leads of the show are still a part of the show which is an another plus point which is seen rarely in Television industry.